Don’t Drink, Don’t Smoke — What Do You Do?

Today there are over 50,000 American centenarians, and those numbers are increasing as our life expediencies grow.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released data showing that life expectancy has increased from 76.5 years in 1997 to 77.9 years in 2007.

Today’s 65-year-old senior can expect to live to nearly age 84. The life expectancy between guys and gals has narrowed to 5.1 years.

Good Genes

Good genes are a good start. Research shows longevity is about 25 percent genetic. Although unhealthy habits are the biggest obstacle to attaining the big 1-0-0, here are some of the healthiest habits to adopt for a longer life.

1. Drink eight glasses of fresh, filtered water daily.
2. Eat a diet high in fish, vegetables and monounsaturated fats, low in meat, poultry, saturated fats and refined sugar.
3. Sleep seven to eight hours nightly.
4. Moderate alcohol consumption to four drinks per week.
5. Exercise at least four times per week, 30 minutes at a time.
6. Meditate or relax in some other way to manage stress.
7. Reduce toxic materials in both body and home.
8. Get plenty of antioxidants from green tea and dark chocolate.
9. Keep current on screens for common diseases such as cancers and cardiovascular disease.
10. Eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids or take supplements to get your daily allowance.
11. Practice safety — for example, let the other car go ahead.

The magic four

According to a British study, the four most important healthy habits are easy to remember:

1. Refrain from smoking.
2. Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
3. Have a glass of wine or two — but no more.
4. Exercise.

These “magic four” prevent lung cancer and respiratory illnesses, boost heart and cardiovascular health and provide nutrients essential to repair the body and maintain health.

Seniors are living longer; let’s encourage living a healthy lifestyle to ensure aging well well and quality of life.

Deborah Campbell, CPC is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach with a mission to educate individuals on how to live a healthy lifestyle.