Organizing is what you do before you do something, so when you do it, it is not all mixed up.   A. A. Milne

To organize means to put things in an orderly, neat and tidy manner. Organization can apply to a home or office environment as well as a personal lifestyle. As a Professional Organizer I organized people’s home or office. Later as a Senior Advisor & Consultant I organized people’s lives. There are similar benefits and consequences of being organized vs unorganized in both spatial organizing and lifestyle balance.

When a business or home is in an organized state, it runs efficiently and increases productivity, which saves time and money. This is also true when a person’s life is in balance and in control. On the contrary, to be in a state of disorder, at home or in life, creates chaos, confusion and unnecessary expenses.

Create an Atmosphere for Home and Health

Having an organized atmosphere allows you to accomplish more projects, find items quicker and reduces stress in your life. It is important to diminish clutter, regain control of your environment and keep it that way. It is just as important to regain control of your health, time and life. An individual practicing self-management skills is healthier, happier and more productive.

How does one create an organized atmosphere? Of course there is a process, but the main focus is choosing what to keep, giveaway, sell or donate. Many people think of de-clutter as projects involving the closet, bedroom, pantry/kitchen, living room and garage – and they are correct. However, there is also a de-clutter process for getting one’s life in order and the answer is similar – make a decision what to implement, purge, let go and change.

Obstacles that Get in the Way

There are many reasons people are disorganized or procrastinate getting organized in the home and their lives. One reason is they never learned the skills, tools or received support. Another example is unexpected events occur. Some people may be organized and be on a good schedule, but a major change in events throw them off course such as moving, downsizing, job change, illness or death. For a period of time, many things are just “let go.” It does not take long for clutter to accumulate in the home and life to be out of control.

Perhaps you feel there are not enough hours in the day to tackle more projects or overwhelmed at the disarray in the home/office environment as well as your life. If this sounds familiar do not despair, there are professionals to help overcome the obstacles.

Find a Professional to Help

A Professional Organizer will help you organize the home or office space. They provide services, support and training to take control of your environment and keep it that way. To find a Professional Organizer go to National Association of Professional Organizers, January is Get Organized Month and the perfect time to get those projects done!

A Certified Professional Coach (CPC) is the answer for people desiring to get control of their lives but stuck in areas such as: time management, self- management, balancing life and career, dealing with stress or transition. Coaching is all about helping you succeed and accomplish your goals. What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Is it weight loss, increase exercise, balance or a healthier lifestyle? It’s time to turn resolutions into achievements and coaching is the key for change and transformation.

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