Sweetheart, if you left me now I’d be in the crisis center. So yes, you are still engaged.  Did you call the Sheriff?

About the Message ~

This e-mail was sent to me a few years ago. The real story is far different from what this message implies.

The reason for sharing is I’ve been laughing ever since it was re-discovered!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The story ~

Years ago, I had a senior client who was stable and delightful. But as time went on, circumstances changed and the job became increasingly complex, intense and out of control.

I felt the situation was out of my league and definitely my comfort zone. I e-mailed the new Trustee I was resigning from my position.

I will translate his reply: he really did not want me to resign (as he will end up in the crisis center) and informed me he was honoring my current contract (still engaged) as the new Trustee.

And yes, I did call the Sheriff.

I also remained with my client. The chaotic circumstances were addressed  and again we had stability and order…eventually.

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Prov. 17:22