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“I came to the coaching arena, stressed out and overwhelmed with the duties of a full-time job, two kids and taking on more of the household responsibilities soon after my husband started his own business while continuing his full- time job. My intention was to create a plan to manage my day-to-day responsibilities while continuing to work on my own career goals. However, what emerged was that my self-esteem really needed a “facelift’. I had become so bogged down that I could no longer recognize the value I was bringing to my family and career. Debbie was brilliant in her ability to help me shift my perception of myself.”

“Debbie and I worked together for a period of three months. Our coaching relationship, in the beginning, was focused on getting my new start-up business off the ground. Each week, we worked towards developing my goals and creating solid plans to help me continuously move forward with my business. During that time, in addition to business goals, she helped me develop realistic time tables and understand the importance of work-life balance to ensure that my family and my health were not being neglected. What I learned most from her holistic coaching approach was that we must take time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not and to focus on health and family. Her analogy of using the thought process that “our bodies are our engines” really hit home with me. If we fail to focus on our health, nothing else will matter as we won’t have the ability to continue to do the things that are most important to us. Looking back, our trusting relationship and time together really changed my life forever. I am extremely grateful for the time and energy that she put into the numerous hours she spent coaching me! Debbie is truly and wonderful person and an extremely valuable coach!”

“I enjoyed being coached. New experience for me and it was enjoyable and effective to have Debbie to listen, clarify and bring awareness, as well as support, encourage, challenge and acknowledge me in this journey.”

“Working with Debbie at Hope-Full Coaching, I was able to clarify my branding, create a marketing strategy, and make significant steps toward my ultimate goal of successfully establishing Design-A-Dream.”

“My father told me that finding you is ‘the best thing I have ever done for him.’ He doesn’t give compliments lightly. This is the highest compliment my father has ever given. I was really glowing to hear it.”

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Deborah Campbell, CPC, NLPMp
Certified Professional Coach, Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified Senior Advisor, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Certified Essential Oil Coach

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